Project at Privateer Condos, Monkey Island, Grand Lake Oklahoma

After the ice storm in January, 2007, a medium size tree was left bent over a power service line. The top of the tree was endangering a storage shed and should any limbs break and fall, they would penetrate the shed's roof. Our assignment was to remove the tree without disrupting power or dropping any limbs on the roof of the shed. Job completed as assigned without touching the roof or powerline!



Got a tree damaged by high winds? Let the EXPERT take care of your trees. We respond quickly when every minute counts. Our crews know how to safely trim damaged limbs or remove damaged trees and work effeciently to complete your project.

No job is too hard. We truely are the EXPERTS, having trimmed or removed thousands of trees in a disaster setting. Fallen trees or large branches on rooftops are our specialty. Our estimates are always free and you'll benefit from our experience with insurance adjusters...we know how to write an estimate to your advantage.

We use aerial bucket trucks, professional grade Stihl chainsaws and Hayauchi pole saws to get your job completed professionally and safely. Bobcat skid steers are used to quickly remove the debris from yards, lots, pastures or wherever fallen trees and limbs are on your property.

Disaster experience includes hurricanes Isabel, Ivan, Katrina and Rita. Our crews have also participated in cleaning up winter storm damage in Buffalo, New York and ice storm damage in Northeast Oklahoma.

Allow the EXPERT help you with your tree trimming or today!

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